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Garage Door Repair in Squamish

Abell Garage Door Repair proudly serves the beautiful people of Squamish and its surrounding areas with the most trustworthy and reliable garage door services available. 

We offer a full line of residential and commercial garage door repair services that include:

  • Free estimates for all our services and products
  • Customer satisfaction that’s always guaranteed
  • Providing professional installation & high-quality products
  • And many more!

Broken garage door springs? A garage door that won’t open? 

Whether you need a new garage or just need repairs we offer a wide variety of options to accommodate your budget and provide long-lasting durability. 

Call us today to get the best quality same-day garage door repair services in all of Squamish!

garage door repair in Squamish
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24/7 Door Repair Services

Garage Door Installation and Replacement in Squamish

If you want your garage door installations or repairs quickly taken care of, we’ve got you covered!

At Abell Garage Door Repair, our goal is to uphold our standards of customer service to every client we serve. 

That’s why we make sure our response time is instantaneous to your call, guaranteeing our clients the shortest time possible to instantly restore your home’s garage. 

Whether it’s garage door installation or replacement, our garage door technicians will be there for you anywhere in Squamish. 

We offer everything from spring replacements, gate openers, new tracks, door panels, and much more!

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Squamish

There are 3 things that you can count on when it comes to our commercial garage door repairs:

  1. Easy scheduling
  2. On-time services
  3. A reasonable price

We service a full line of commercial garage doors to meet your business needs including:

  • ✔ Belt Garage Door Opener
  • ✔ Electric Garage Doors
  • ✔ Fix Bent Garage Doors
  • ✔ Garage Door Rollers
  • ✔ And much more!

No matter the scale or industry of your business, our team of highly trained commercial door technicians are always ready to offer our 24/7 repair services any day of the week.

Garage Opener Repair in Squamish

In general garage door openers, are primarily responsible for opening and closing your door. On an average scale, garage doors in residential areas are opened and close to an average of 1,500 times a year. It’s true that a broken garage door opener can be a major set back if not repaired immediately.

So,why does a garage door opener get damaged over time?  

The answer:

Continual exposure to cold, harsh weather, and poor maintenance

With the proper diagnosis, we can fix any damaged garage door opener in no time. 

We have an extensive selection of garage door openers, thoroughly selected for their performance, features, and long-lasting durability. 

Our garage door opener repair service ensures that the safety features and security mechanisms of your garage door opener are fully enhanced and fixed with quality.

Garage Spring Repair in Squamish

Garage door springs are large springs used for closing and opening a door. Its main function is to lighten the door so that it can be very easy for it to be lifted. 

Door springs are mainly responsible for supporting your door panels, and therefore, they undergo serious tension most of the time.

This means that unlike other door components that may break or spoil at any time, that’s why the spring is the most important door component that shouldn’t be broken

But repairing the spring or installing it yourself is quite a difficult project to handle all by yourself, and without the proper tools and experience, it can even be dangerous. 

Our professional technicians are just a phone call away from quickly fixing your broken springs and put them back to their original and perfectly balanced mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide an emergency garage door repair?
Yes. We work around the clock 7 days a week and we are always ready to provide emergency garage door repair whenever you need us.

What services do you offer?
We are proud to offer you emergency, commercial, residential garage door repair, replacement, and installation in all areas of Greater Vancouver. We repair all types of doors including wood, aluminum, metal, glass. We also repair door openers, springs, rollers, cables, keypads.

Do you work 24/7?
Yes, we are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including on weekends and holidays.

Can I install my old garage door opener on my new door?
Any opener can be installed with new doors. However, we recommend checking with the opener manufacturer to find out if the unit meets current government safety standards as required by law. Once verified the unit is in compliance, you can begin the project. Don’t forget to reinforce the door before attaching the opener!

Can I manually open my garage door?
Yes, every modern garage door opener has a red trip cord that can be pulled out to disconnect it from the motor and turn on the system in manual mode. This will help you if there is a problem with the garage door opener or if there is no power. Be careful when the garage door is in the open position, as it can potentially slam shut.

Locations We Serve

Abbell Garage Door Repair is ready to serve all areas of the Greater Vancouver Area. The most popular cities where customers order our garage door repair, replacement, installation services include:

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